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Babycorn | 200gm

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Product Description

Baby corn is one of those vegetables that are healthy and can be added to your daily diet. They have become an essential ingredient in Continental and Asian cuisines. It is used in salads and stir fries quite often.

Benefits of Eating Babycorn:

  • Baby corn has almost no fat and is also low on calories.
  • Eating babycorn will keep you full for most of time because after fiber is consumed, it takes a lot of time to digest.
  • Baby corns are rich in Vitamin A which helps to aid eye health.
  • Baby corns are one of those foods that we must consume if we wish to look after our skins because baby corn is rich in vitamin C.
  • Baby corns are rich in folate or folic acid that is essential during the period of pregnancy.
  • Some other nutrients that baby corns consist of are zinc, iron and calcium which further make the nutritional profile of baby corn strong.
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