About Us
About Us

Welcome to lushfarms!

We are an Indoor Hydroponic Farm in Patna and we bring to you clean and fresh produce, grown locally in a controlled environment, using RO water, free of pesticide, that is best for your health and well-being.

We are dedicated to develop technology for the future of Sustainable Agriculture.

The population is ever increasing which will lead to a global crisis of arable land for cultivation in future. Hydroponics reduces the reliability on fertile lands and uses 10 times less water, a scarce resource. The lands where cultivation happens, are far away from the cities where the consumers reside due to which the harvested product travels over a few days before its brought to the markets and loose their Freshness. Hydroponics can be brought inside the cities, the produce can be made available to the consumer within hours of harvest and it will help reduce carbon footprint. It makes hydroponics a more Sustainable form of Agriculture. The output per square feet is also higher as the plants can be stacked vertically. The plant quality is best as they are given appropriate nutrition and optimum environment for growth. Since the process is soil-less, it minimizes the risk of pest infestation and there is no need for pesticide.

Hydroponics can be the future of Modern Agriculture and we at Lushfarms are dedicated to invest into building new technologies and recipes of production of a variety of product.

Order from our list of products to get the best quality and clean product for consumption, delivered to your doorstep within hours of harvest.