1. What is Hydroponics ?

A: Its a soil-less agriculture method where the produce is grown in nutrient rich water. The roots soak up essential nutrition for growth from water. Its an age old practice modernized and adapted to use in collaboration with today's technology.

2.What is an Indoor Hydroponic Farm ?

A: When the growing is done hydroponically in a closed area where outside air and sunlight are blocked, artificial grow lights are used for growing plants and optimum temperature and humidity for growth are maintained using air coolers. It is a kind of Controlled Environment Agriculture where you expect your produce to be cleanest and of best quality possible as its not exposed to any outside impurity and pests.

3. What are the benefits of Hydroponics?

A: There are plenty reasons to prefer hydroponics:

  • Produce can be grown Year long if optimum growing conditions can be maintained.
  • Hydroponics uses less water than traditional soil based cultivation.
  • It allows faster growth and better quality of yield.
  • The produce output per square feet is high as plants can be stacked vertically.

4. Why should a consumer prefer a Hydroponically grown Vegetable?

A: The produce will be better quality and cleaner. Hydroponically the produce can be grown without the use of Pesticide. When you eat a vegetable raw, you need to eat what is best for health. Also, Freshly harvested produce can reach to you withing 1-2 hours of harvest while the regular supply chain takes over a few days to bring the harvested produce to your doorstep.